Neck Pain and Back Pain Relief with Cupping

Have you had an accident that created whiplash? Have you been miserable since that car accident or that awkward fall?

Your neck is in constant pain, you can barely turn your head or even look up! Everything is difficult since that stupid accident. Heck, it’s hard to pull a shirt over your head because it hurts to raise your arms. And the headaches, oh man, the headaches are unrelenting! It is like the worst tension headache ever, except it never goes away. You can barely function when one starts.

Sleep? Forget it! You haven’t had a good night of sleep since! It is just impossible to find a comfortable position that will let you sleep and if you do, the moment you change positions that shooting pain wakes you up!

Pretty miserable huh?

Whiplash is like that. But I am sure I don’t have to tell you. You’re living it.

Your doctor gave you muscle relaxants and pain-killers, even prescribed physical therapy but it’s just not getting better.

What do YOU do now?

There are alternatives.

Now, I am an acupuncturist. My perspective is a little different from your medical doctor.

I am not going to mask your pain with medications. I am going to remove the cause at its source.

Energy Stagnation.

When your head suddenly accelerated and then decelerated lots of muscle fibers, blood vessels and connective tissue were damaged. Your energetic pathways (meridians) were obstructed and the lack of flow created stagnation. That is the source of YOUR pain.

As an acupuncturist, I have a number of awesome treatment options at my disposal. Of course everyone thinks of acupuncturists as the guy who uses needles. That is true but that is just one way to treat whiplash. After acupuncture, my absolute favorite method is cupping.

What is cupping?

I am glad you asked. I just made a short video that shows what cupping is and how it’s done. Check it out. Click on this link to see the Video Here.

Cupping is great because it’s like a deep tissue massage. It’s non-invasive and pain relief is often immediate. Cupping stimulates the flow of energy in the neck and removes the stagnation that is blocking the healing of the “soft tissues in the neck.

Combined with acupuncture the results can be simply amazing!

If you have had a whiplash injury, or simply have chronic neck and shoulder pain, cupping is a great treatment option for you!

So let me ask you this: now that you’ve tried the traditional methods of drugs and PT, are you any better? More importantly, do you think you’ll get better if you do nothing else?

Listen, cupping and acupuncture are effective, affordable and safe.

How will you know if it will work for you if you don’t try it?

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